Steps for the Home Buying Process:

1. Meet with Tiffany, Nora or Patrick: 

          Review Buying Process in Detail, Agency Disclosure, Your Wants 

          and Needs 

2. Meet with a Lender for a Pre-Approval 

3. Select Homes to View -

          We will supply you with homes on the market that meet your criteria

          from: MLS, For Sale by Owners, and New Builds

4. Tour Homes with Agent

5. Once you Find "The House" we will write a purchase contract.

6. We will Negotiate the Terms and Conditions on your behalf. Our goal is

          to strengthen your position without "killing the deal"

7. Once Terms and Conditions are Accepted by both Parties you are In


8. We will Provide you an In Contract Checklist with Time Frames and Next Steps

9. We will send the Contract to your Lender

10. You will Schedule Your Inspections

11. Review the Inspection Results and Negotiate Remedies if Necessary

12. Obtain Home Owner’s Insurance Policy

13. Lender will Order the Mortgage Appraisal

14. You Will Receive Final Loan Approval/Committment

15. Call and Have Utilities Transferred to Your Name for Day of Possession

16. Final Walk Through of Property

17. Review Final #’s for Closing

18. Closing

19. Possession . . . Moving Day!

20. We are always after closing to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise.