Tiffany Panhuis


Who am I?


I am living the life I love.


I am not a Columbus native. I moved here for love and
I haven't found a reason to go. Instead I find a new reason to stay every


I'm an advocate. I'm a service provider.


I don't mince words. I deliver information based on
facts and experience.


I am not a mind reader. I value


If you contact me, I respond.


I help buyer's find "the home". I help sellers sell
their home.


I help you weigh options, with all the information
available, to help you arrive at the best decision for you. That decision is
always what is best for me too. I get things done - no fuss or hassle. I take
care of everything throughout the process and then I continue to keep in touch
after the closing. You are not a deal or a transaction. You are a person, a
neighbor, a friend.


This is who I am. This is what I do. I love it. My
clients do too.


Let's get started:;